Keephub Drive keeps everything together


Keephub Drive keeps everything together

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- Jos Versteeg / Product Manager at 

Jos circle

Jos Versteeg / Product Manager at Keephub

As we continue our mission to simplify work communication and be a one-stop platform for frontline employees, we’re pleased to share Keephub Drive. The Drive feature means folder structures and files can be pulled from external applications straight into the Keephub environment, aiding quick and easy access to essential working day information.

Our client community told us how much time would be saved if their teams could get to their files within a few clicks - with no need to log into another app or platform. So, understanding this significant efficiency opportunity, the Keephub development team is proud to share this feature with its many benefits.

Keephub drive screen for blog (in phone)-01-1

Keephub drive screen for blog (in phone)-01-1

Key features and benefits

  • Single app and log-in to access all important information - saves time and hassle.

  • Control who sees what: only show what team members need - keeps it simple!

  • Clients can create their own folder and file structures.

  • Distribute all files to the right users within Keephub - no need for extra 3rd party licenses.

  • Keephub security standards.

  • Be able to share any kind of file

Our clients are already using the Drive feature - for example sharing daily store revenue reports from third-party apps.

With our client's community-based approach to ongoing developments, you can be sure our features and benefits are always aligned to help frontline workers work smarter. Time to join them?

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