Want that 'job done' feeling?


Want that 'job done' feeling?

On desktop, app or POS system

Our Task Management feature makes it easier to perform and keep track of tasks. Everyone in your business can assign and track tasks - from your headquarters to stores or to groups of employees or from stores to individual employees. Keephub is committed to making work processes fast, smooth and efficient - and always available on desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile or your POS system.

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All team members can easily contribute to operational excellence;
thanks to the easy creation of one-time or reoccurring tasks.

Everyone can contribute
to a ‘job well done’

Whether it is a simple task such as cleaning up the warehouse or a complex task that requires forms and data entry, Keephub ensures these are carried out quickly, accurately, and on time. Various departments within the company can create a task. For example, the headquarters can create tasks for all stores, stores in a specific region, or at an individual level. Keephub is ideal for all business functions: Operations, HR, logistics, marketing, and leadership.

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More time for customers

In addition, a store manager can create tasks for the employees in-store and track them online. Keephub helps set up a permissions structure so that the organisation can follow a smooth, automated process where tasks are performed quickly and accurately - leaving more time to serve customers.

Track the execution of
tasks from a distance

When a task has been created, you as a manager can monitor the progress of the task remotely. Whether it is a one-off task or a recurring task, you can see in real-time whether the task has been completed and, if desired, supported with photos or completed forms. Thanks to Keephub, you are always aware of how things are going in your company, and you can manage, support, and coach employees as and when they need it.

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Employees can see in their own Keephub environment which tasks are open for them, and how they can check off the completed task to track their progress. A powerful way of interaction in daily work.

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