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Big challenge.
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With 130+ stores, 1,850 employees and 13 amazing worlds of products, Big Bazar wanted to better connect their employees to deliver their mission of making everyday life cheaper, easier and more fun.

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The challenge

Newsfeeds and operational manuals to be up and running in just two weeks after agreement.

With freqeunt operational changes driven by Covid-19, it’s never been more important to deliver timley, clear and inspirational updates to the Big Bazar store teams. The store teams are the front line keeping customers happy, safe and coming back.


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Our work

Between January 15th and March 11th 2021 we collaborated with the Big Bazar team to identify and build their essential internal communications functionality: two news feeds and the ability to host and present operational manuals.

First step was project alignment for all stakeholders, clear roles and responsibilities and a challenging yet realistic critical path/delivery date. Our final project step was smooth handover and team training.

"Keephub was rapidly implemented across our business and now provides the right information to the right employees at the right time. The Keephub team worked with us to design a user-friendly platform ideal for Big Bazar. As well as being good for our managers, the app is also very popular with our younger support teams. Keephub has allowed us to streamline our processes with more direct messages and the implementation of forms and task lists. Keephub is a great asset for Big Bazar!"

- Yvonne Wink, Project Manager, Big Bazar


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