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vanHaren, The Dutch arm of Deichman, knew simply telling their employees was not enough. The brand wanted to win hearts and minds.

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Creating and sharing content to motivate and engage

vanHaren’s customer facing teams have been crucial to vanHaren’s success. In 2016, the business was looking for a state-of-the-art solution to optimally connect, inform, engage and motivate its 1,800 employees. vanHaren not only wanted to reach their employees, they also wanted to engage everyone in the vanHaren brand and share their passion for shoes. Their chosen solution was the Keephub App.

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Ideal for onboarding

As well as sharing news, videos, store competitions and much more, vanHaren uses the Keephub App to connect with new employees - and even future employees. Using the on-boarding module, vanHaren can share relevant information to ensure the first days in the store, distribution centre or head office are efficient, welcoming and informative.

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"In the first month, 80% of all vanHaren employees downloaded the Keephub App. This was a successful start to increasing employee engagement.’

Project manager vanHaren
Heleen Kortbeek

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Of all employees have downloaded the Keephub app


Are better informed since they started using the Keephub app


Of employees are able to do their job better since they started using the Keephub app


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