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Creating streamlined and efficient communication

Dirk is a former Dutch dairy company that evolved over 80 years into a successful supermarket chain that serves more than 1.6 million customers weekly in more than 120 stores.

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Less communication channels, more impact

After an InTouch/Keephub pilot in 2019, that was focused on digitising tasks and processes in stores, the parent company Detailresult Groep selected the full range of functionality from the InTouch/Keephub platform.

A main objective, as well as efficiency, was to reduce the data and communication flows on paper and streamline employee communication content. The platform not only had to ensure employees could do their jobs better, it also needed to boost brand engagement.

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Work more efficiently

Getting as much as possible into one platform is the first step to working more efficiently. Employees who can check their working schedules, find important manuals quickly and also have personal timelines with posts of their store, have great reasons to check the app daily.




And the winner is...

By holding a store contest Dirk encouraged their employees to actively use the app. Although the contest focusses on working processes and expertise, there were also fun team challenges. These elements of competition created a burst of interaction in the app!



How relevant is content?

The content department of Kega has helped the communications department of DetailResult to streamline their employee communication. By reviewing the existing data flows (mostly published on paper) of different target groups within the employee journey, there is now a clear distinction between ‘nice to know’ and ‘need to do’ information. We created several customised templates, so content contributors of different departments can easily generate visual posts without needing the design studio anymore. By using the clever roles & rights feature of the platform content can now be distributed quickly to the right target group.


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