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Building a platform that helps employees make a difference

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Focused on employees for 20 years

Keephub is a Kega company. Together we have been active internationally in retail for more than 20 years. Over the years we have noticed that employees make the difference in being successful. This requires employees to be empowered and to focus primarily on their core tasks. Yet we see that other matters often take up a lot of time, which means that employees end up focusing less on their core tasks. In addition to the valuable time that is lost, it also dents an employee's motivation.Keephub prevents this and ensures that tasks can be performed quickly, in a structured way and that there is more time for the core tasks.

Our milestones

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Meet the management team

Mike van der Hulst - C
Mike van der Hulst
Managing director

Mike is managing director for Keephub, with a clear focus on the product side. Prior to joining Keephub, he has held several leadership roles focused on launching successful software products for international companies such as Centric.

Bernard Schreiner - Commercial manager
Bernard Schreiner
Commercial director

Bernard is responsible for the commercial activities at Keephub. Before joining Keephub, Bernard was the commercial leader and Co-Founder of Paazl where he gained experience in leading a fast-growing
Saas company.

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