Operational excellence

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Task Management

Easily create tasks or enable your employees to create tasks for each other. You can follow the progress and make adjustments as tasks progress. Employees no longer miss anything with to-do lists and managers stay informed via the management page.

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See your schedule

One of the most important components of an employee platform is the staff scheduling functionality, with every employee regularly reviewing their work schedule. Ideally, team members can quickly query; “What days am I scheduled this week?", "Who am I working with tomorrow?" etc.

Keephub ensures that 80% of employee queries are answered immediately.

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Use forms to collect the required information you want from your employees in a structured manner. Organise these forms smartly and make relevant forms available to everyone. Finding the right form is now a breeze with results viewed in Keephub or exported for further analysis.


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In times of crisis

Especially in times of crisis, communication and involvement within teams is essential. Keephub helps to get the most out of communication and engagement during these periods of remote working and continuous change.



Maximum impact on campaigns and events

Our Campaign & Event module helps brands launch their campaigns more effectively. The module is designed to communicate VM instructions faster and cheaper. With functions such as passing on missing pos materials, ordering new pos materials and sharing photos of decorated shop windows, VM departments can keep control over a campaign.


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Find fast and easy answers

Help your teams quickly find what they need amongst all manuals, how-to videos and FAQs with Keephub 's Search & Find modules . We help with the transformation of the physical search process (such as printed manuals) to a digital process where search evolves to 'visual' finding.



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