Internal communication

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Let your internal communication shine

Unify all internal communications and end the jungle of fragmented internal communications channels. Ensure that management can communicate directly with different user groups on topics such as HR, organisation, and crisis.


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Relevant content

Keephub's highly advanced, yet easy-to-use, roles and entitlements system, means reaching the right employee is easier than ever. Employees only receive information that is relevant to them, which saves time.



HR, leading the way

Whether someone has just started working or someone is looking for new career opportunities or an employee who wants to check the recent change in HR policy, it's good to know that you can always go to the digital HR 'office'. This makes employees feel welcome.



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In times of crisis

Especially in times of crisis, communication and involvement within teams is essential. Keephub helps to get the most out of communication and engagement during these periods of remote working and continuous change.



Contacts and Chat

Keephub users can quickly find their colleagues with the Contact module. Combined with our Chat module, mutual contact is easier than ever.



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