Internal communication

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Let Internal Communications Shine

Unify your internal communications with keephub, pull key messages onto one platform. Put an end to missed emails or instant messages and tailor messaging to different user groups.




Content, Kept Current

Save time with Keephub’s advanced yet easy-to-use roles and entitlements system. Reach the right employees at the right time, only sharing information which is relevant to their roles and responsibilities. 


Leaders, lead the way

Make employees feel welcome, with Keephub’s “digital HR office.” Whether somebody has just started or needs to check in on a recent change to a HR policy, with Keephub’s self-service tools, your door is always open.

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Calm Amongst the Crisis

In times of crisis, turn to Keephub to keep teams updated with essential information. Whether remote working or restructuring teams, transparency with your teams has never been easier.


Contacts & Chat

Keephub users can easily contact their colleagues with the contact & chat module.




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