Keephub can be integrated with any system. We take away the hassle of logging in to different apps for different processes. We connect your company apps in the background and offer one app for your employees to see all the necessary information.

And many more
We’ve got you covered!

Read below how Keephub integrates with your existing apps and offers solutions to save costs on existing licences.

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One Hub to start your day

It's simple, just start your day with Keephub.

For your employees, Keephub is the gateway to all relevant information. We connect with applications in your company in the background so that your employees only need 1 app to log in to.
All information like rosters, company and location updates, tasks & checklists are shown in Keephub.

If there's a need to open a specific app, just click the link and the external app is opened automatically.

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We help you simplify the IT landscape

Does your business run in a complex IT backyard? No problem! We have over 20 years of experience integrating our platform. We know you do not want your employees to be lost downloading the right apps or going to the correct webpage, so we do it for them. 

Keephub - Everything from one app, one ‘super’-app.

Why integrations help you

Integrations are crucial to streamline the flow of information. Every department wants its favorite systems integrated. This creates great value because the end-user will have all the information at their fingertips. We work with multiple software providers for over 20 years and offer simplicity and advice on your integration needs.

On all kinds of categories, we deliver 100+ integrations out of the box, you will find some examples below.

Human Resources integrations

These apps are frequently used for synchronizing your user directory, organizational structure, payslip availability, leave registration, and much more. Please reach out if your app is not in this list.

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productiviteit integraties


Productivity tools

Frequently used for enabling direct availability of your productivity tools from Microsoft, Google, or others. Easily share a joint presentation from Sharepoint or Goole Drive, jump to your calendar, or connect to instant video calling services.


One of the common questions for frontline staff is, when do I have to work again? We can make this available directly from Keephub even extended functions.

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learning integraties



While Keephub delivers a micro-learning module out of the box, some customers want to connect to existing learning and onboarding solutions. Keephub supports these applications and offers direct integrations so your employees can't forget when to complete or continue a learning module.

Missing your app?

Not all integrations are easily put into a category,  but that doesn't mean we don't have experience with it.

For example: Locations & stores management, Staff reviews systems, FAQ, Chatbot, Reporting, Tasks management, and Business Intelligence tools.

And of course, we offer secure Single Sign On options based on your employee management system.

Feel free to contact us and talk about what apps are used in your business.

Keephub Appstore

At Keephub we offer the possibility to add market-specific Apps (or Plugins) or even create fully customizable apps. Some examples are:

  • Store competition

  • Personnel discount

  • Store Order & Pick-up service

  • Sales statistics or bonus overviews

  • Your creativity sparks our in-house Apps-team!

Why customise Keephub?

We’re proud to be easy to use, out of the box. However, if you have more complex requirements, we’re always to help, on-hand for technical support when you need it most.




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We help you connect with our API

Keephub also delivers a public API, also known as the Application Programming Interface. For those last-mile integrations, we provide our API to use within your information security standards. Our team of integration experts is happy to talk about your needs and wants.

Ready to integrate more apps with Keephub?

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