Employee engagement

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Increased Employee Engagement, Increased Revenue

Engaged employees are often the difference between good and great companies.
Happy employees make for happy customers. Customers guided by engaged employees receive better advice, spending 5% more on average.





Your Own Brand Ambassadors

Use the keephub’s personal timeline to share brand and organisational stories with your teams. Ask for employee opinions and feedback using polls, bringing teams closer together, no matter the distance.

Essential for employer branding

Turn your HR info into engaging content that employees look forward to. 
Share new career opportunities whilst highlighting your vision on workforce, sustainability, and vitality to boost your employer brand.

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New here? Get off to a flying start!

Get new starters set up for success form day one, from pre-boarding, introduction to training processes. Make new team members feel welcomed (and excited!) with personalised content and branded videos during their onboarding.

Let’s get started!


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