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How we can help with pre and onboarding

With only 12% of employees believing their onboarding experience was ‘great’, initiatives to improve the pre and onboarding experience are valuable to both the employee and the organisation. Read more in our Onboarding in Crazy Times White Paper.

The right information at the right time

Keephub helps deliver effective onboarding by creating content flows of essential instructional information, customised to specific job types and delivered to an individual new starter’s schedule.





Customise by job types or functions

Schedule dates for when each piece of instructional information is to be delivered - and make the most of the all-important pre-boarding period. 

  1. Identify job types or functions: General Assistant, Warehouse Operative, Logistics etc.

  2. Create engaging and instructional content for the employee onboarding journey

  3. Schedule content delivery per each user's start date

Maximise the use of Keephub features

When creating engaging and inspiring content for each job type, Keephub has powerful features to drive the onboarding process and provide HQ visibility. Example features:

  • Digital forms to efficiently capture new starter information eg: a uniform size request

  • Task manager so new starter actions can be tracked and confirmed

  • Multi-media uploads eg video, infographics, PDFs to make tutorials engaging and inspirational




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Create 'fastlane' onboarding

As well as creating content flows for different job types, groups can be created for other types of employees. Think… geographic, language or even cultural. We worked with Jeans Centre to create a ‘fastlane’ group to deliver rapid onboarding.

With the global challenges around frontline team recruitment including staff shortages and high turnover, a ‘fastlane’ approach allows for an efficient and rapid onboarding process – getting your teams on the shop floor as soon as possible.

Keep everything in one place

We’re on a mission to be a one-stop portal for all front-line employee needs. As part of the onboarding content flows, use news feeds to link to 3rd party applications making your new starter journey more efficient – and only one log-in to remember!





Six Keephub onboarding benefits

  • A consistent onboarding experience for each employee

  • Structured to not overwhelm new starters

  • Valuable PRE boarding opportunities

  • Customise content for specific jobs types and functions

  • Individual delivery timelines for varied start dates

  • Integrates with Keephub's existing modules e.g. learning, tasks etc.

  • Introduces Keephub from day one – and all its many other benefits


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