Employee empowerment

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Empower your employees

Empowered employees make for empowered customers. Share the right content at the right time with Keephub’s roles and rights system, easily accessible on the go from multiple devices.




Roles and Permission

With one of the most advanced roles and rights systems on the market, you can easily segment employees into groups based on multiple criteria. Ensure your teams see a streamlined feed of content, tailored to their needs.

Looking for information? That's A,B,C!

Every day employees are looking for answers. Whether they're looking for instructions or feeling insecure about a particular topic, employees look for answers in logical places. Keephub's Search & Find module ensures that all questions are answered and always quick and easy to find.




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Make training effortless, assign courses to the right group and track progress online.



Onboarding made effortless

Welcome new employees with ease and excitement! With a tailored pre-onboarding, introduction, and training process, new starters can get off to a flying start. 

As a crucial part of your employee brand, Keephub helps you make a great first impression! 

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