Employee empowerment

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Empower your employees

Employees with good product knowledge are more confident when they help customers. With Keephub 's roles and rights system, you can be sure that employees have access to the right content, at the right time, using a device of their choice.


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Roles and permissions

Keephub customers all use our highly advanced hierarchical structure, which is very easy to use. This way they ensure that employees only see what is relevant to them. Our roles and rights system is one of the most advanced systems on the market.



Looking for information? That's A,B,C!

Every day employees are looking for answers. Whether they're looking for instructions or feeling insecure about a particular topic, employees look for answers in logical places. Keephub's Search & Find module ensures that all questions are answered and always quick and easy to find.


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Develop training courses with the right information in no time. Assign training to the right group of employees and track the progress online.


An effective onboarding ensures happy employees

Unburden new employees from day one; automatically take them along in a preboarding, introduction and training process. As they receive personalised content with branded videos, newbies feel welcomed and excited to get started. This professional approach gives new employees a flying start.

Onboarding is a crucial stage of the employee journey: recruitment, pre-boarding, onboarding, engagement and retention. Curious to learn how to do this well?

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