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Why Super Apps are for business too

Going global

We’re all busy - super busy. That’s why Super Apps are increasingly popular. These are apps that combine many of the task-driven stuff we now do on our phones every day. 

This Asian trend is now going global with China continuing to lead the way. Why have 30 apps when you could have three? Useful Forbes read

What’s a Super App?

Simply, it’s one app where you can access many, many services. Examples: China’s WeChat, India’s Paytm and Singapore’s Grab. While it’s true that Super Apps in some Asian markets have prospered because other platforms have been blocked (Twitter, Facebook etc), in Europe Super Apps are now emerging - for example, Klarna is now expanding from an extended payment service to a full shopping portal Super App.

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It’s time for B2B too

With Super App focus so far on B2C, we now see B2B happening - and especially employee communication, engagement and operations - being delivered via a Super App: one place to go, one log-in and one portal for all your employee needs. Of course this is a journey, but it’s a journey with a clear direction so smart HQ teams will be looking for Super App potential and making decisions now with 'the end in mind’.

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Choose a Super App
partner wisely

To create a seamless experience for your employees, there are two important considerations: i) the level of 3rd party specialist app integration ii) data management. The good news is for integration, you can often start simple via a single log-in providing the benefit of one Super App experience  For data management, the more strict European GDPR rules mean the need to select a specialist with expertise in this area.

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Keep the end in mind

As part of our collaboration work with Keephub and our work with multi-site retail clients, I see everyday how an employee Super App could really free up time and enable teams to deliver better customer service. It’s this work and direct feedback from the frontline that’s driving many Keephub developments as we transition to a Super App.

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- Sean Murray / Founder of The Retail Practice

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- Sean Murray / Founder of The Retail Practice / Communication Specialists

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