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5 retail frontline team frustrations - and how Keephub can help!


5 retail frontline team frustrations - and how Keephub can help!



- Sean Murray / Founder of The Retail Practice


Sean Murray / Founder of The Retail Practice

We've checked in with our retail network (and specifically frontline teams) to understand what are their top frustrations. It’s part of our mission to enable frontline teams and champion all those who want to make retail a great experience for customers - and employees. Here’s what we found and simple suggestions of how Keephub can help.

1. “We’re the last to know!"

It’s still the case that communication flows in retail can be poor with frontline teams missing or not receiving information needed to do their jobs well. Use Keephub newsfeeds and targeted groups to ensure the right people, get the right information at the right time. Too much information or information that’s not needed can be as bad as no information.

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2. “It can be tiring and stressful"

Working in retail and many service environments can stressful. From being on your feet all day to dealing with unhappy customers, brands can take a pro-active health and well-being approach and utilise Keephub features to deliver this - not as a one-off but as regular posts. Provide practical help for employee well-being - here are three examples:

  • Have a health and well-being guide easily available

  • Regularly post news item ‘bites’ to share top tips on managing health and well-being and to prompt teams to use the wider well-being guide

  • Provide ‘scripts’ for dealing with difficult customers - and even better, show roleplay videos.

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3. "No one listens"

Frontline workers often know the customer pain points better than HQ teams. It’s also true that many retail workers consistently wish their voice was heard more. By using Keephub functionality brands can encourage a two-way dialogue via polls, ideas/suggestion schemes or even more detailed customised digital forms. Listen to frontline teams and demonstrate their ideas matter!

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4. “I need shift flexibility"

Keephub integrates with leading shift management applications. This means as a one-stop portal employee app, it’s ideal for efficiently requesting new or swapping shifts - all via the Keephub desktop or smartphone app.

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5. "I struggle with selling"

While some individuals are natural sales people, many struggle to know how to approach customers and what to say. There are many and proven techniques that can help even the most reserved staff member feel sales confident. Right at the top is product knowledge: team members who know products and their features and benefits become authentic sales people. Many features of Keephub are good for sharing product knowledge. Create product passion and enable everyone to help achieve the KPIs.

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We're on a mission to simplify work communication for frontline retail teams. Your free demo awaits where we can show you much, much more.

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