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Race for talent at New York retailers


Race for talent at New York retailers

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- Erica Twigt / Content Strategist at Keephub

Erica - new-1

Erica Trigt / Content Strategist at Keephub

Positive vibes are increasingly being felt in retail:  no more corona rules and more customers want to shop in physical stores again. However, there is a big dark cloud hanging over the sunny retail landscape: there is a huge shortage of retail staff. In December, we spoke with Linda Santing of Ikea and Beatrice Bernasconi of Eataly, in New York, about their approach to this issue. Both retailers see the importance of employer branding, but are choosing a different route.

Ikea x Eataly

The 'Great Resignation' and the need for employer branding

We have all read about it; the 'Great Resignation' in the U.S. that has started April 2021. People have resigned from their jobs with a peak in November when 4.5 million people in the US quit their jobs. People have different expectations around a new job. They expect more from their employer in terms of remuneration, employment conditions and job satisfaction, so as an employer you will have to make your mark. Employer branding is therefore 'hot'.

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An involved employer has an advantage

Linda Santing, Manager North East at Ikea, outlines the situation in New York: "Many employees in the retail & hospitality sector have two full-time jobs. In addition to the high cost of living in New York, there is often a 'multi generational' household so more income is much needed."

Ikea is that kind of committed employer who knows what's going on with their employees. For example, they help their employees to get their own bank account (about 12% in the US don't have one) so that they no longer have to stand in line at the bank every week to get their wages. And furthermore, an Ikea employee can choose from concessions for various insurances such as health, but also animal or car insurance. Good working conditions like these give Ikea a heads start when looking for a  new job.

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Passion for food as a main key driver

At Eataly, they are using a very different approach in the 'race for talent'. In this 'culinary warehouse’ where everything revolves around the love of the Italian cuisine, they focus primarily on job satisfaction. In order to communicate the passion for Italian food and drinks to the customer, you have to know everything about the product and its preparation. Whether you're hired to prepare fresh mozzarella, pasta or bread, at Eataly you will not learn that from a book! As part of a team of specialists, you'll learn the tricks and share your passion on a daily basis. Since the working atmosphere is one of the most important motivations for staying at a job, Eataly will be highlighting this aspect as part of employer branding.

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As the 'race for talent' is so trending in Europe, it's good to think about employer branding.

A 'good name' as an employer is not something you can control. What business card do you give your own employees?

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