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Five 'zero cost' ways to motivate frontline teams


Five 'zero cost' ways to motivate frontline teams



- Sean Murray / Founder of The Retail Practice


Sean Murray / Founder of The Retail Practice

Having delivered internal communication for fashion and supermarket retailers, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges of keeping frontline teams motivated. Here are five motivational techniques for both HQ and managers that work well with employee communication platforms. We also have valuable engagement learnings from our collaboration with lingerie leader Hunkemöller, where store teams consistently outperform the market. Keep it Keephub everyone!

Share success

Even in the most challenging of times, sharing success as a priority creates a positive mindset and acts as a reminder of what teams can achieve. Use news feeds to share successes both big and small.

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Praise and recognise

‘Praise more than criticise’ is a simple behaviour to remember. It was Mark Twain who famously said: "I can live for two months on a good compliment". We all know that feeling when someone recognises the value of our efforts and work. Doing this on news feeds is a powerful motivator. Tip: generally keep it team-based when online so everyone feels included.

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Explain why

Studies show that explaining why a task needs to be done increases conformance. When people understand the reason why, they are more motivated to do the job well and less likely to question the request.

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Demonstrate culture

Employees - and especially Gen Z - increasingly want to work for an organisation that has a bigger purpose that just the financials. Although this doesn't mean that sales and profit are not important, it does mean those brands that share and continually engage on the brand mission/purpose and/or wider ESG activities will create the feel-good factor for everyone.

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Use task-lists to prep for shop floor huddles where small teams can get together for rapid updates on key priorities and share common goals for each shift.

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We're on a mission to simplify work communication for frontline retail teams. Your free demo awaits where we can show you much, much more.

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