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We regularly share insights and advice on the subjects that matter to our audience. Our experts are a combination of Keephub specialists and industry leaders - leaders who we regularly collaborate with to achieve more for our clients. 

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Multicultural communication
is good for everyone

How can businesses deliver simple, accurate and engaging communication to a multicultural and multilingual workforce?

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Navigating the burnout epedemic

A vision for change.

Musical chairs

Musical chairs

Who in the team wins a relaxing holiday, and who stays home?

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To micromanage or not to micromanage?

Why is it that there are still many leaders today who micromanage? You'd think we'd know better by now, wouldn't you?

Modern communication

Modern communication with your employees means you're always on

we should not accept that our HR teams still think and work as if it were the late 1990s!

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Five 'zero cost' ways to motivate frontline teams

How to use an employee communication and engagement platform to keep frontline teams motivated.

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Five frontline retail team frustrations

We've checked in with our retail network (and specifically frontline teams) to understand what are their top dislikes.

Physical stores are back tile

Physical stores are back! 

Time to sharpen up your customer experience.

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Cashierless shopping 

A pain or a gain?

Anne Jaakke MTE

Where is your company in the HR evolution? 

HR innovation is necessary to become and remain competitive. Yet the majority of companies do not seem to embrace this idea.

Race for talent

Race for talent at New York retailers 

As the 'race for talent' is so trending in Europe, it's good to think about employer branding.

Kick-start employer branding with a great onboarding experience 

Eight ways to boost employee engagement.

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Good employee engagement needs good employer branding 

Content that the employee really cares about.

Super apps

Why Super Apps are for business too 

Why have 30 apps when you could have three?

Post covid challenges-1

Post Covid recovery challenges 

As retail, hospitality and many other industries
emerge from Covid, we face new challenges.
Here's how Keephub can help.

Chirstmas in July-1

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a key moment when Christmas ranges, promotions, marketing, menus and overall planning is reviewed and signed off.

Costa coffee new

How Costa became bigger than Starbucks in the UK

Becoming the number one in any market is not easy, especially in the fiercely competitive coffee shop market. Learn how inclusion and engagement led Costa’s success.

Tesco new-2

Learn from the UK leader

450,000 employees: the challenge to effectively communicate and engage with hundreds of thousands of employees is significant.

Hunkemoller staff

How Hunkemöller won on customer service

Hunkemöller knew that a great brand needed great service - world class service and this meant, world class training and L&D platform.


The importance of

A surgeon's tool can boost everyone's productivity. Employee communication expert Helen Johnson shares the power of checklists.

Once a year

Why hearing from your employees once a year is not enough

Employee insight lead Julian Watson on why ongoing check-ins with your employees are now essential.


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