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Communication is a layer, not a silo

Employee communication isn’t just the responsibility of one HQ function, it’s the responsibility of every team to communicate simply and clearly - and always continually inspiring and motivating. Separate HQ channels can be a barrier to joined up communication - and can often cause confusion and duplication. Having one main internal communication platform will help provide business wide visibility and channels every function to be used in a co-ordinated way.

Marketing: ensure timely and consistent activation

  • Our dedicated Campaignhub functionality provides a one-stop mission control for marketing and event teams

  • Save on print costs by publishing digital guidelines

  • Review every location via picture uploads

  • Listen and learn direct from your remote teams

  • Turn employees into brand influencers


Store person


Operations, people & HR: keeping everyone aligned and motivated

  • Efficient staff scheduling

  • HR admin task functionality

  • Video for learning and development

  • Task list for driving conformance

  • Direct, regular feedback from everyone in your organisation

Leadership who lead from the front

  • Direct messaging to every employee

  • Share presentations and strategy updates

  • Encourage leadership team social following

  • Celebrate success

  • Motivate in times of crisis



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