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Ten 'zero cost' ways
to boost employee

Ten 'zero cost' ways
to boost employee

Ten zero cost ways to boost employee engagement

Even in the good times, smart companies realised employee engagement meant higher
productivity - and a team of brand advocates. Today, during continual change and uncertainty,
and a candidate-driven labour market, employee engagement can make or break an

If you have an internal communication platform, here are ten budget-free techniques to drive
employee engagement - all using your employee communication platform/app. In most cases,
our suggestions are simply re-purposing existing content already in your organisation.

Praise and recognise

It was Mark Twain who said, "I can live for two months on a good compliment”.

The productivity halo from praising and recognising good work is significant. Share praise and you’ll help to create a culture of motivation and a success loop.


  • Leaders can post a motivational video message.

  • Managers can post motivational messages to their specific team.

  • Encourage everyone so it’s not just a top-down process.
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Say why

When we ask others to do something, letting them know why drives engagement and
conformance. This is ideal for organisations with large part-time employees who are not
always aligned to career paths or aware of the bigger picture.


Use a communication framework of what,
why and how.

Remember the why is about explaining why you
are asking your team to do something.

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Keep it simple. Keep it visual

“Don’t tell me, show me” is great advice. Using explainer styles videos or motion graphics
can effectively communicate new tasks or workplace changes.


Aim your communication to someone new in
the business. Then, everyone will get it.

Videos to show how to do a task are very powerful and
even using a smartphone can produce impactful results.

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Ask and listen

People become more engaged when they are heard. Ask questions of your team, listen, and
continually demonstrate this.


  • Utilise poll style functionality.

  • Use more detailed questionnaires.

  • Create a virtual idea sharing initiative.
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Say thanks

A small thank-you can make a big difference.


Make it a habit to thank your team, colleagues or
even your boss. It’s not just top down!

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Make it fun

Every KPI gets better when people have fun.


  • Ask what individual teams have done to
    have fun – and share these ideas to

  • Let your teams come up with the ideas.

  • Get the leadership teams to join in too!

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Be open

Openness builds trust and trust builds engagement.


Post regular updates in times of uncertainty.

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Demonstrate actions beyond profit

Survey after survey tells us many employees, and especially Generation Z, want to be part of
a business with a bigger purpose beyond profit.


  • Continual share your wider ESG*
    ambitions and progress.

  • Provide ideas on how everyone can get

  • Publish team initiatives.

*Environment, Social and Governance.

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Share the vision, share the strategy

Sharing the business strategy helps employees understand decision making and their role to
achieve the business goals. Making this visionary too can create a real sense of purpose and provide motivation – especially valuable during times of uncertainty.


  • Create a one-pager business strategy -
    this will be good for the board too!

  • Share the one-year high level goals.

  • Create a motivational showreel of
    success so far with a vison of what’s

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Keep sharing the purpose

Remind everyone of your business purpose. And if you haven't got a purpose, get one. Your
team can spend their day just doing their job or they can be part of something bigger.


  • Regularly share your purpose and mission.

  • Give an example/s of how this is being delivered.

  • Share the wider benefit/s.

  • Invite ideas.
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