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We are building the most comprehensive work communication platform to enable non-desk employees to make a difference. Keephub's life journey began in the year 2000. Many different product names, employees, and 20 years of input and experience later, Keephub has now gained a strong position in the market.


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Who are we?

We are constantly evolving, delivering cutting-edge software technology making our product better every day. Years of experience and expertise have led to sustainable insights for the retail branch in the matter of internal communication.

Keephub is a growing company with currently no more than 30 employees divided into 3 departments: sales & marketing, delivery and product. Together we make the difference.
Together with our partner company Kega, we have been internationally active in retail for more than 20 years and are now expanding our expertise into new areas of business.

Our culture

As Keepers we believe that we are the best choice for our customers. Today and tomorrow we overcome all challenges together. We constantly evolve our products, services and ourselves. Standing still is not an option.

As a Keeper you support the team and challenge each other, to keep improving together. Keephub stimulates self-development and we find it important that you feel comfortable in our organization. This makes us proud to be a Keeper.

Of course, there is also sufficient attention for our colleagues. Every year our active Employee Experience Group (staff association) organizes fun events and gifts for the staff. As icing on the cake, we go abroad for a weekend trip every year if we achieve a positive year-end close. That’s how we treat our valuable employees.

"In my work as a marketing employee, the work is very versatile and every day is different. At the same time, you also get a lot of room to develop yourself on the points that you find interesting. The flat organization and the good atmosphere is something I like". 

Thomas Tiggelman, Online Marketing



The application process

Did we convince you to come work for us already? Are you ready to apply? You'll go through the next couple of steps if you apply!

1. Apply
2. Phone call
3. First job interview
4. Small assignment
5. Second job interview
6. Welcome!

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To be able to do your job well and to experience job satisfaction, we offer you:

- A MacBook
- Hybrid work
- Unlimited access to an online training platform
- Annual budget for training
- A deliciously catered lunch
- You will be surprised all year round with gifts and social events.



" As Product Manager I enjoy working with my skilled colleagues for our various clients. This allows us the opportunity to make a difference with the right effort". 

Jos Versteeg, Product manager

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Do you have a question about a vacancy or a completely different question? Feel free to send us a message.

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Retail safaris

We regularly arrange retail safari inspiration trips for many of our clients. Each trip has a specific theme, for example our most recent trip had the theme of the importance of the employee. With a range of clients and roles, we visited key must-see customer facing locations in London - and went behind the scenes in many locations to hear from the customer facing teams directly. We encourage everyone on our trips to not only look through the eyes of a professional but look through the eyes of a customer. It’s amazing what can be learned!

Retail safari

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