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We offer the most comprehensive work communication platform to enable non-desk employees to make a difference. That is our mission, and of course, we want to do it in a sustainable way. As a company, we have several initiatives we're happy to share with you below. Our product also helps our customers to inform employees about their sustainability efforts and reduce the use of paper in daily processes in the best way possible.

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How can an internal communication platform help with sustainability?

An internal communication platform like Keephub helps in operating more sustainably by providing a centralized space for employees to share ideas and best practices related to sustainability. 

This creates a culture of awareness and sharing within the company and encourages employees to take ownership of your sustainability initiatives.

Keephub is also used by our customers to inform employees about goals and their progress, as well as updates on any new policies or programs related to sustainability communicated from the head office.

Additionally, the platform is used to share articles, videos, and training materials to educate and engage employees on this important topic.

For example, with Keephub you can inform all your truck drivers with in-app videos about how to save on fuel costs. Without the need for manual filters before sending your message, you reach them in their own language.

So what about our contribution?

At Keephub we do our part as well. For example, our office building is completely energy neutral.

We are also part of 'the wave' of Dopper. We have banned plastic bottles from our office and replaced them with Doppers for our employees. We try to spread this as much as possible by handing out our Keephub Doppers to customers and other relations.

Only really necessary materials are purchased from the marketing department. And they are always made of sustainable materials. If we hand out goodie bags from our community events we plant a tree for each bag.

We also have our very own Keephub beehive on our rooftop. Providing our team with fresh honey, but more importantly, pollinating lots of flowers!


We plant a tree



Trees planted in 2022


Flowers pollinated (* an educated guess by our beekeeper)


Sheets of paper saved at Keephub since 2012

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