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Work communication simplified

Are you ready for the A B C transformation?

Knowing where to start with work communication transformation can be overwhelming. Keephub not only develops the tech for better operations, communication and engagement, we can also be your partner for transformation. Forget the long A to Z road map, our client framework is as simple as A,B,C!

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A = Audit: The review stage

During this first step we will review all content work flows in place. Next, we will have interviews with key stakeholders from your organisation to get a clear and honest view of your existing work communication. The important starting point being the employee journey: is it easy/possible to find relevant content at the right moment? Is it possible for the employee to find need to know information as quickly as he/she likes? And is it in an intuitive/easy to find location.

B = Better: The plan for better

The conclusions we agree from the audit will give you a better insight of how the employee experiences your work communication. We will challenge you to rethink & re-invent your employee communication by setting out a plan to make work communication flows better.

Rest assured: the target is always to align on the vision and deliver a plan that your organisation can easily adopt to become better. ‘Better’ should ensure your employees can find the information they need faster and get them more engaged with your organisation.

‘Better’ is also. Increases in conformance and efficiency improvements.

C = Change: We help you change

With a great plan at hand, it’s now a matter of implementing it into your workflows. But we know from experience this can be a challenge. Transformation means change, and change doesn’t happen overnight. We will guide you during this transformation process by introducing the super-users in a new way of thinking and execution. After all, it’s not just a transition to a new communication platform but a transformation to a new way of communicating with your employees.

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