Enable your employees
to make a difference

We connect employees from organisations within fashion to food
and from health care to hospitality.

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Keephub work communication platform


Enable your employees to make a difference

We connect employees from organizations within fashion to food and from health care to hospitality.

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Empower your employees

Reach your employees at the right time, with the right content to empower them and improve customer service.

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Engage your employees

Engaged employees perform better, reduce absenteeism and stay longer at the same organization.

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Connect your channels

It is our mission to make it easier and to connect all internal communication channels.

Everything in one platform

Whether you are looking for a platform for operational excellence, employee engagement or internal communication. Keephub is your one-stop shop to give your employees all the tools they need!


With Keephub, your employees won’t miss out on anything. From now on, manage your colleagues with our extensive Task Management module. Essential information is always available thanks to online manuals and easy-to-fill forms.

Additionally, the Event module ensures that every event and every campaign gets the right attention.

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The difference between a good and great organization is the involvement of the employees. Customers who receive great advice can spend up to 5% more. Great advice comes from happy and engaged employees. They are the fastest way to make your business profitable.

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Unify all internal communications and end the jungle of fragmented internal communication channels. Ensure that management can communicate directly with different user groups on topics such as HR, organisation and crisis.

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Get everything out of your employees with Keephub

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Join these employee engagers

Whether you work in retail, food, hospitality or another industry, employee engagement and communication between head office and the workplace is more important than ever for everyone. We work together with national and international customers and with all departments within these companies. 

Success stories

We collaborate with clients to create lasting benefits and deliver measurable improvements across organisations. Learn from our success stories about real improvements in employee communication, engagement and task delivery.

Hunkemoller storeHunkemöller

Hunkemöller is a global leader in lingerie; an international brand and a household name in 25 countries and the market leader in Northern Europe.

Dirk storeDirk

The 121 store supermarket chain that delivers great prices and promotions for its customers.

vanHaren storevanHaren

vanHaren, The Dutch arm of Deichman, knew simply telling their employees was not enough. The brand wanted to win hearts and minds.

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annika bubble
''It's great that with Keephub all work communication for our employees can now be found on one platform. Keephub is the place where the Swiss Sense Famliy comes together every day.''
Annika Coomans
Internal communication advisor Swiss Sense



Are you satisfied with the functionality that your organisation already uses? No problem! Keephub is very flexible and offers integrations and plugins. This way we keep everything under one roof and therefore easy for your employees.

More about integrations

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Latest news

The latest internal development news from Keephub and how we can provide a solution to the industry's most pressing questions around work communication.

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Keephub Drive Keeps everything together

As we continue our mission to simplify work communication and be a one-stop platform for frontline employees, we’re pleased to share Keephub Drive.

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Keep it Keephub for efficient onboarding

How we can help with pre and onboarding.

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Want that 'job done' feeling

Our Task Management feature makes it easier to perform and keep track of tasks.

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